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Bury St Edmunds cake decorator

A bit about me

I have been baking for as long as I can remember; but I started to take interest specifically in cake decorating from when I was 16. When I was 17 I decided to open a cake business working from home. I am now 20 and have been cake decorating ever since! All that practice really does make perfect. Using my baking knowledge and A* in A level art I have been able to combine the two to make edible art.

UPDATE - As much as I love cake decorating, my other passion is Jesus. From January 2024 I will be going to Australia to become a missionary for 18 months. This is where I will be based but I will also be going to different countries, leading overseas missions trips. During this time I will be closing my business. I will still have cake classes available to up level your baking skills. 

To find out more about my missions work or if you feel lead to sponsor me (this is a voluntary role which is self funded), click here!



  • Once you have collected your cake, I am not responsible for any damage in travel. Your cake will come in a box to prevent this. They are best transported in the front footwell of the car or in the boot or have someone spare to hold it.

  • All my cakes may have traces of nuts in due to using nuts in my kitchen.

  • You are responsible for making it clear what is in the cake to any people who are eating it and have allergies. (An allergy sticker will come on the box)

  • Deposits are non-refundable. This is because you have booked a day in my diary so I will turn away other customers that want the same date so if you cancel, other customers will lose out.

  • I don’t like to replicate other bakers cakes as they have spent time designing that and I have a unique style so if you send me a photo of a cake you like, I will only use it as inspiration


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Elegant finish, guaranteed.

To provide you with an accurate price please state one of my sizes and flavours; describe the design you would like and if there are any dietary requirements. Thank you!

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